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    Unique Coffee Tables Designs

    Enjoying a cup of coffee is very important for many of us whether we drink it while reading a newspaper or having a conversation with friends or family. We present you unique coffee tables designs that will make mornings, but afternoons with friends unforgettable!


    Really simple bag to put iPad in it. This simple bag is bigger than iPad, so it can be used to carry documents too. The design & art direction is done by Ilaria Niccoli, production by Sonia Niccoli and photography by Federico Lomartire.

    Removable Handles by Alberto Vasquez

    The handles are made of a special kind of refractory silicone material that can handle 300-400 Celsius, so you could probably even put it in the oven by accident without incident. This amazing removable handles are designed by Alberto Vasquez.

    myBrother Portable All-in-One

    The myBrother is an portable all-in-one. You can scan, copy or print data that you send via bluetooth or usb from your laptop or smartphone – using the Brother app. It is also albe to work indepently from these devices, but with pre-configured or default settings. The ideia behind

    Egg Box by Anita Vaskó

    Egg box design or packaging by Anita Vaskó. Material used to produce this product is natural mikrowaved carton. This egg holder is created not by glueing. From the environmental point of view, it′s recyclable, and the production is possible with the least quantity of material and little cut-offs. Egg

    Creative and Inspiring Office Designs

    Nowadays, workplace is where we spend most of our days. In fact, our workplace takes more of our life than our home. We enter there at 8/9/10 in the morning and stay there for the next 10 to 12 hours and sometime we even have to stay overnight. So